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Melissa is a seasoned business professional who is passionate about motivating and inspiring others.  After more than two decades of corporate and business success, she started the O’Hara Solutions Group to help companies, individuals and teams solve complex problems and take bold action.


As an expert facilitator and top talent coach she helps executives, leaders and individual contributors discover hidden talents helping them to increase their personal impact, be better colleagues, and become even stronger leaders.


She is known for her unmatched ability to design and deliver leadership and learning experiences that take teams to a whole new level - building cohesion and increasing their capacity to accomplish key business goals. An expert trainer and facilitator, Melissa has provided live workshops throughout the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom; and facilitated virtual events across the globe.


Melissa’s broad knowledge and unique skill set allows her to combine tools and techniques from a variety of fields and disciplines. With her distinctive style and holistic approach, she guides clients though a process that allows them to see new possibilities, find flexible solutions, and achieve accelerated results.


Areas of Expertise                                                                     

  • Workshop design and facilitation (live and virtual)

  • Peer learning/coaching

  • Design Thinking

  • Ideation session design and delivery

  • Executive and Top Talent coaching

  • Team development

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