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Achieve Future Freedom Now with our Horizon Life Design program.   With our breakthrough program, you'll achieve:

Clearer Choices:  

Gain clarity about what to say “Yes” or “No” to, so that you can invest your time, energy and talents on what is most important to you.


Greater Happiness:

Move from the rat race to the human race. Feel less stressed, more peace, and consistent happiness, because your days, weeks and months have been deliberately curated for your optimum happiness. 


Improved Performance:

Perform better by leveraging your strengths achieving more time like an elite athlete “in the zone.”

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Is it Time for A Change?  How I Knew

For years I heard my morning alarm go off like the beginning of a race. I jumped out of bed, juggled all day, and exhaustedly fell into bed at night.  Rinse and repeat. I was ready for a change.

While I had the undeniable feeling that I could be doing more, I felt stuck and frustrated not knowing what to do.  I wanted to greet each day with more enthusiasm, do work that was even more meaningful and connect with others in a deeper way, but how?  I was afraid of the unknown, but even more afraid of what would happen if I didn’t make a change.

That’s when I used a powerful and creative problem-solving technique called Design Thinking and applied it to my life.  Game changer.

Through my design thinking journey, I was able to figure out my unique gifts and talents.  I innovated new ways to do meaningful work that was energizing and authentic to me.  I gained focus and clarity through cleverly crafted experiments.  The result was leaving a corporate role after more than 20 years and starting my own company.   What is scary?  Heck yea.  But I know me, my work ethic, and I was willing to take a bet on me.

Recently, someone asked me “Do you have any regrets about making the move?”  My honest answer was, not for one minute.  My only regret would have been staying longer and living a lackluster life when I had so much more to offer. 

So, are you feeling stuck?  Is it time for a change for you?  What’s holding you back?  Contact me to get moving. Melissa

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